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Gay Hanoi Tours

Vietnam has been on an amazing journey opening up over the last 30 years, as have I. Vietnam has changed and Hanoi has as well.


As the Capital, it is still more reserved than Saigon but welcomes everyone to explore and marvel at its beautiful history and sheer ordered chaos.


I came out to my family 6 years ago as Gay and I never thought I could do that or that they would accept me, they did and do, although not always easy. This gave me the confidence to start Gay Hanoi Tours, a service that allows me and my fellow guides who are all Gay/Transgender to share our city, its history and its charm with visitors on mopeds/by foot/private cars and taxis. The aim is to be different, not your usual tour with endless commentary only some of which is interesting.


We believe that giving the whole picture is important, and we share our views and our knowledge to you in a way that is fun and easy to follow. We don't take large groups and we tailor to the interests of the client whether it is food, culture, architecture or back streets, the real Hanoi that bustles at every time of day or night.

We are Gay, you can be Gay or Straight it doesn't matter to us, what matters is that your trip is one which will be remembered for years.


3 years ago we extended our service to the whole of North Vietnam, including Sapa, Ha Long Bay, and Ninh Binh. 2 years ago we started working with Gay Guides in Saigon and now offer tours throughout North and South Vietnam


Whether it is just a short City tour or a whole itinerary for a trip up and down the country, we are happy to advise and organize.

We pride ourselves in what we do and what we have built making it much more than just showing you the sights. We'll immerse you in the atmosphere of Vietnam and talk about how the country has changed and where it is going.

From the strange to the even stranger!


Whether its food or cultural interests, we will deliver, please don't just take our word for it, feel free to look at our trip advisor reviews!

With love Tuan and the team Chau, Minh, Vu (both of them), Duc, Quang and Linh.

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